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Monday, July 21, 2008

Tipping the Scales At...

....a whopping 27 lbs, 8 ounces (12.5 kilos on the nose). That's what Hallie weighs as of today, and while I think the scale at the pulmonologist runs heavy, even if we subtract 8 ounces for that and the poop that she produced a few minutes after we got to the examination room, that's still phenomenal.

Turns out that french fries, supercharged goat milk, and a variety of fruits is NOT a good diet for a super model after all. Just a super toddler.

She is about 34 inches, so 40th percentile for height. This accounts for the recent chubbiness that we've perceived.

More importantly, her lungs so clear as a bell. Our excellent pulmo fellow agrees that the dietary changes are what have made all the difference in Hallie's case. She looked at the growth curve, which totally took off in December (our last visit) and listened to her lungs very carefully and heard nothing out of the ordinary, even when she squeezed them to try to elicit a wheeze. She and her attending did say that down the road, when Hallie starts cardiovascular sports, she may get winded more quickly than other kids, but that, right now it seems like we've skirted asthma and no longer even have a Reactive Airways Disease diagnosis. This is nothing short of miraculous.

We'll keep the flovent and atrovent on hand for now in case we need it if she gets sick or something, but we're continuining to tick off the things we don't need to worry about.

Hallie was very cute, after she got over her raging blood-pressure-cuff related meltdown (she hates those things with a passion). She had a lot of fun running around the exam room and even more fun once Liz (the fellow) arrived. She showed off for Liz by saying "Liz" (I'd been coaching her: it really helped this time to tell her that she had a doctor's visit today and that the doctor, who is named Liz, is very nice and loves her and likes playing with her) and signing "Doctor." She was extremely social, very well behaved, and other than the aforementioned meltdown, was a model patient. She offered her ear to Liz when Liz grabbed the otoscope and opened her mouth wide when asked and sat still for the stethescope (she loves these). She even let Liz use the portable pulse ox on her (they needed to repeat this since the first pulse ox, which immediately followed the blood pressure check, registered 83-88 but this was all meltdown related. Her real sats were at 97%; when Sharon heard this, she queried: "Why not 100%". Sheesh!!!!

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Kellie said...

Strive for perfection and look at the results! I am overjoyed to read this update on little Miss Hallie. She has grown by leaps and bounds in the past six months in so many ways. She is blessed to have two such extraordinary parents to help her along the way. I could just squeeze her cheeks all day long. YAY Hallie!