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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Princess Hallie's Magical 100 DAYS!!!!

We just hit a major milestone---100 vomit free days this year. Woo-hoo!!! Since August 22 is the 234th day of the year, that makes it nearly half a year so far that is vomit free. And today was also three days in a row where Hallie didn't have an incident, so we are beginning to feel like we are back on track.

The zyrtec, we think, is really working and Hallie sounds a heck of a lot clearer and is much more comfortable. She played in the playground for over an hour this morning, and then in the backyard at the sand-and-water table (seems to like the sand more than she used to now that she visited the beach) and had an overall great day. She got to see Baby Taylor (Aunt Renee's and Aunt Kim's little girl, who inherited Hallie's vast collection of clothing and has yet to wear the same onesie twice in her short life of two months) and hung out with Ethan, Karina, and Cole this evening. So our girl had lots of fun, played hard, and kept her food down.

There may be some drop-off in terms of her appetite now that we pulled the periactin, but it's fairly minimal and given Hallie's robust size, we're not too concerned. We're just happy that Hallie (who woke up this morning even more cheerful than usual) is having a nice time and feeling good and that we moms don't have to clean up more than the usual toddler mess (which now includes some fetching artwork rendered in washable markers on our walls each evening).

And, on top of all of this good news, I located our camera, so here are the lovely Princess Hallie photos that I promised:

Here she is holding out her foot for the glass slipper (or at least glass croc):

And here's a lovely closeup of Hallie's pretty little face:


The Microblogologist said...

Congrats, that is awesome! She is quite lovely in that princess dress.

Sarah said...

WAHOOOOOO! I'm so glad that the zyrtec is helping her be more comfortable.

ACE 2010 said...
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BusyLizzyMom said...

Congratulations. She looks so pretty in her dress. Too cute.