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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween Preview Pics

Hallie is still not entirely sure what she'd like to be for Halloween, but here are the options:

Cowboy Hallie

Cowboy Hallie in boots and PJs:

Policeman Hallie. Please note that the costume, which is a 3-4 toddler, is HUGE on Hallie. It will take some Stitch Witchery magic to shorten the arms and legs of the suit and the insertion some foam insulation tape like the kind you put around your doors to keep the draft out to keep the hat from slipping down over Hallie's little eyes. I am not terribly crafty, so I am hoping that I am up to this task.

Dalmatian Hallie:

We procured the first costume on Ebay after Hallie emphatically responded, "Cowboy!" every time I inquired what costume she'd like to wear for Halloween this year. This went on for a month, so a cowboy seemed like a safe bet, especially since Hallie LOVES pretending to ride horses at home and enjoys riding real ones every weekend.

Then, we heard from the folks at school that Hallie kept telling them that she was going to be a policeman for Halloween. They do a lot of dress up and dramatic play at Hallie's school and apparently she most enjoys being a policeman and a fireman.

Last week, though, she responded "dump truck" when I asked her what she wants to be for Halloween. We do not have a dump truck costume and I'm not about to figure out how to construct one (ha ha!) right now. But we do have a lovely dalmatian costume, courtesy of Aunt Laura.

And Aunt Laura has also provided Lea with her costume this year. Both Aunt Laura and Baby Lea love giraffes, so it's a very fitting outfit. Here's a cute picture of our two little animals:

Right now, the plan is that Hallie will be a policeman at her school Halloween parade on Friday October 30th and a cowboy on the big day itself, when we'll be trick-or-treating in the neighborhood with Hallie's best friend, Eliza Grace, who is the proud owner of several very lovely Native American outfits. Our neighborhood is very trick-or-treat friendly and the residents of one of the little blocks close by close off their street to traffic on Halloween night and put out all sorts of crafts and games for the kids to do and snacks for adults and children, alike. This is particularly nice for kids who don't really care about procuring as much candy as possible because they don't really eat it anyway. We're hoping that the weather is nice and that the kids have a ton of fun.

Anyway, enjoy the costume preview, and tune back in for real shots of the girls in their finest Halloween gear.


Anne said...

Ahem ... stitch witchery ... where did you hear about that Abby???? hmmm hmmm?

abby said...

Big belated hat tip to Anne for the stitch witchery idea... God knows that my fix (before hearing about this magical stuff) would have involved a. duct tape or electrical tape; b. safety pins; c. a glue stick

Janet Oberholtzer said...

Great blog - look forward to reading more posts as I have time.

Hallie is adorable in all the costumes!