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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Frosty the Snowman

Our kids are obsessed with the big guy with the corn cob pipe.  Thanks to Aunt Laura, Uncle Bryan and the Levy and McGrath cousins, we were able to build a monument to him in our back yard.   

Alas, the 12 inches of snow that fell on Philadelphia on Boxing Day was of the dry, powdery variety and it was none too great for snowman construction.  But thanks to a spray bottle of water, Sharon was able to do a much better job with Frosty than she was with the gingerbread house.

The kids thought that it was great fun to build a snowman and helped place his button eyes and corn cob pipe:

While the final product might have been one huge snowball smaller than initially planned, we think he turned out quite nicely.

Hallie was all concerned that he'd melt by this morning and kept checking on his status last night, but we are happy to report that he was still standing by the time the kids woke up today. 


Adelaide Dupont said...

Amazing that a spray of water can make such a big difference.

I'd be checking on Frosty too!

Lisa P wrote about her son's love of Frosty:

A new found fondness for Frosty [6.12.2010]

BusyLizzyMom said...

We are so jealous. Once again here in Canada (1hr outside Toronto) we have had another green (muddy) Christmas. We were so desperate we drove 1 1/2 hrs to find snow.
It is quite a lovely snowman they made.