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Friday, December 31, 2010

Lea's First Haircut

Just in time for the New Year (well, Tuesday, but I am only getting around to blogging about it now), Lea had her very first haircut.  Things were getting pretty gnarly in the back of Lea's head and she was working on a fine mullet that we had to shear in the bud, so to speak.  See the Christmas post a couple of posts back for a clear image of what I mean.

Haircuts can be, well, hairy things to which to subject kids.  Particularly kids like Lea who don't really like others (doctors, hairdressers, etc) getting into her personal space. 

Our strategy?  Use Hallie as a model.  Hallie had been asking to get her hair cut since at least Thanksgiving.  Pretty much every day, Hallie would say something like, "Let's go see Whit-mee (Whitney) to get my hair cut shorter."  [When I asked her what kind of style she'd like, she responded, "One with scissors."  Too cute].

Anyway, Hallie really likes Whitney and enjoys getting her hair cut.

When Lea saw how happy was during her haircut, she realized that she'd be fine too.  Lea loves to do anything that Hallie does.

So the haircut itself could not have gone more smoothly:

It was only later on, while I was watching the kids during Sharon's haircut, and had to tell Lea to stop doing something or another that was going to get her in trouble/hurt/make everyone around her go crazy (as is wont to happen when she screeches in the shrillest tone you can imagine) that she melted down.

While Lea's awfully cute even when she's crying uncontrollably, we think that she looks a whole lot cuter when she's happy.  So does her new hairdo:


Unknown said...

I can not beleive how big Hallie is!! I haven't been able to catch up and finally had some quiet time holy cow she looks so awesome and like such a great big sister!! Lea is looking pretty big herself! You guys are doing great, way to go mommas!

Adelaide Dupont said...



I also have a great book on haircuts from VisualVox.

Haircut Hurdles

Hallie was an awesome model, and very persistent!

(Two months' hair growth is worth it, and so is the six-weekly ritual).

Whitney sounds like an excellent hairdresser.

"One with scissors": I'll not forget that in a big hurry!

Yes, Lea does look cute when happy and when sad. The security shines through so much!

(And I know the hairdresser is not the best place to go when you feel insecure).