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Friday, February 19, 2010

Almost Walking

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Lea's been on the verge of walking for the past two weeks now. She's been getting herself up and standing in the middle of the room, holding on to nothing, for long stretches of time. And she's been shifting her weight from leg to leg, kind of testing things out. Whenever she calculates that the object/person whom she'd like to approach is near by enough to attempt a risk, she's even managed to take a couple of steps (usually just one or two, but as much as four or five on a couple of occasions).

But she isn't quite there yet. Like Hallie, Lea is going to do stuff in her own sweet time.

Here's a video I took of her yesterday, which should give you a closer idea of what she's up to at this point.

In other exciting developments, we've learned that Lea has a few more words. I've already blogged about how much she adores her first word, which was a very appropriate "uh oh". This remains her most used word to date.

But she's added a few more:

-"atch!" which seems to mean "catch" but is also used to get anyone's attention. I think she's generalizing from our penchant for trying to toss her a ball and asking her to "catch."

-cracker. To demand the food. The kid loves crackers.

-sissss. Which we think is her new word for 'kitty' or perhaps 'Zen' (our kitty's name). We're not sure how she developed this one.

-some attempt at "Lea" and some attempt at "Hallie."

And lots and lots of baby babble, which is new to us since Hallie never babbled. You can clearly hear some of this in the video above.

Also unlike Hallie is the fact that Lea LOVES green veggies. Her favorite is peas (she can eat a ton of these at one sitting and has been known to reject ice cream in favor of peas) but she also rather likes edamame (young soy beans, shelled, and then slipped out of their papery casings...there must be a name for those things) and green beans (especially roasted in olive oil). I introduced her to blueberries yesterday and she was fond of those two. Really, the only thing she does not like and is usually unwilling to try is any form of meat. Thus, those edamame and hummus will really come in handy in her diet.

Lea is incredibly cute, but so is Hallie (of course). And so the next blog post will be about her, and there is plenty (of very good stuff) to say. Sadly, it's back to work for me now!


Anne said...

It is kind of funny watching her walk around a bit since I have only seen "sitting and crawling Lea" ... can't wait to see the live show!

Adelaide Dupont said...

I can really understand about the meat thing.

It has a strong smell, and several other reasons.

And its texture is probably not so great for children of a year, unless it is smooth.

(calf's foot jelly).

Yeah, Lea's pushing around with her wagon.

Great to hear the words and babbles.

"uh oh" is a useful word!

And so is "catch".

Dubin said...

So cute, can't deal! Also, I can hear Caillou in the background, which makes it sound like the soundtrack at our house. "Caillou was glad there weren't any alligators in this swamp..."