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Monday, February 22, 2010

"Oh Cr@p!"

I have lots more to blog about, if I ever get the time. But this brief post takes preeminence over my more substantive musings.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon, I was trying to give Hallie her prilosec-in-applesauce before Hallie headed off to the Camden Seaquarium with her friend Alex. Most of the time, Hallie is fairly cooperative about taking her applesauce, even though she does like to negotiate about how much she needs to eat.

She is not a particularly good negotiator. Our conversations go something like this:

Mama: Hallie, all you need to take is seven bites.
Hallie: Two bites!
Mama: No, Hallie, there are more than two bites. I might be able to do it in six bites.
Hallie: TEN BITES!
Mama: You've got a deal

No real negotiating yesterday, alas. Hallie was super tired (she had a fun filled day with her cousins on Saturday and not enough sleep on Saturday night and no nap on Sunday). So she was relatively uncooperative and highly squirmy. All of that squirming, going limp, jello-legging resistance caused Hallie to get worked up and this, on top of the fact that we accidentally skipped the prilosec on Saturday (because Mama was remiss in her packing again) led to a bit of refluxing.

Hallie gagged a bit, coughed, spit up a mouthful of refluxed goop and exclaimed, in precisely the tone that I typically use: "OH CR@P!!!"

Sharon and I looked at one another in disbelief and cracked up.

Apparently, we really need to watch what we say around Hallie more carefully.

But on the upside, I think Hallie's pragmatic, spontaneous speech is coming along quite nicely, don't you?
On related note: the reflux/urp was a pretty unexpected event. Hallie has gone at least three weeks without visibly refluxing and, other than that bout at the beginning of the year following her pneumonia, there's been virtually no vomiting at all this year. We're at 45 vomit free days (out of a total of 52), which is pretty darned good. And she is eating a relatively large quantity (for her) of cow's milk at this point: she has taken a liking to chocolate milk and might have an ounce or two at a time (it helps to tell her that her cousin Hannah likes it, which is absolutely true, and chocolate milk gained even more cache when her friend Alex exclaimed that chocolate milk was delicious). She also has been consuming about a third of one of those small cups of Ben and Jerry's vanilla ice cream at a time (she did not, however, like the strawberry -- or pink stuff, as Hallie called it -- at all). And she voluntarily sat down at the table on Friday night when Taylor was over and consumed about several decent sized bites of spaghetti with a very cheesy tomato sauce and pronounced: "spaghetti is DEE-LICIOUS. I LOVE SPAGHETTI!" while doing so. Now, of course, what she loves is the routine of Taylor coming over to dinner and all of us sitting down and eating. But that's fine with me---that's a good thing to love, and if she takes a few bites of food with us, I am very happy.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow - she's amazing. And so are you. Feeding issues are one of the most difficult things on our plate (no pun intended), and I think the thing C will struggle most with in his life.

Spaghetti is HUGE! I have a picture on my bulletin board of a kid who has smeared spaghetti all over his head. C's feeding therapist told us once that if he did that, we wouldn't need her anymore! I'm still holding out hope for a small child covered in spaghetti.

Thanks for finding me so that I can read about your girls!