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Monday, June 14, 2010

A Funny Hallie Story

We have lots of pictures (don't know how good they are) from Hallie's birthday party that I have yet to upload to my computer. But in the meantime, I didn't want to forget this funny story:

Hallie's been thrilled about going to the "bouncy castle" for her party for weeks and weeks now (I'm not sure why we started calling Bounce by this name, but it sort of stuck). Practically every days she'd ask me hopefully if we were going to her party at the "bouncy castle" and every day I had to tell her that her birthday was still a ways off. On Saturday night, when she went to bed, she knew that she'd wake up and we'd be going to her party. So, by Sunday morning could hardly contain her excitement about her impending visit to the "bouncy castle."

This only mounted once we picked up the special Dora cake (chocolate cake, with chocolate pudding, and chocolate ganache icing with a cool design and plastic Dora, Diego, and Boots figures) that Hallie had specifically requested at Wegman's. She knew we were going straight to Bounce and, in her imagination, a castle looks like, well, a castle. You know, with princes and princesses in it and turrets and those sorts of things. Just down the block from Bounce on Route 70, there's a cemetery that sports...a castle motif, complete with turrets and everything. When Hallie saw it she screamed: "Look! There's my party! There's the castle, and princes and princesses and a dragon!" Of course, we then had to explain that Bounce is not a real castle but a place with inflatable structures that she can bounce on. Since it literally was all of two minutes away (if that much) Hallie did not have time to be disappointed by the lack of princesses and had a wonderful time at her party.

It was SO clear to us that, this year, Hallie really got the idea of what a birthday is all about--from parties, to presents this girl has it down. Last year, she still had trouble sitting still for the singing of the birthday song but this year, she was thrilled to have it sung. Even better, she is a championship level blower out of candles (she got all 9 candles---don't ask me why there were so many---in a single blow). And while she was thrilled to be served the piece of cake with Dora on it (as she requested of the party attendant), she is also mature enough to share. One of the little girls from school who attended Hallie's party really wanted that Dora and started to cry when it was served up to Hallie. Hallie took notice right away and walked over to C. and handed her the Dora. While C.'s mom made C. give it back, it's the thought that counts.

What a great 4 year old you are, Miss Hallie Rose! We are so proud of you and are so happy that you enjoyed your special day!


terri c said...

Oh, what a wonderful story!! Hallie's sharing is really awesome for ANY four-year-old. You must be bursting your buttons with pride in your gorgeous empathic generous birthday-party-loving daughter!!!!

Adelaide Dupont said...


Great to hear Hallie and her friends had an awesome time at Bounce.

(What does a real castle look like to Hallie?)

雲亨 said...

Make yourself necessary to someone...................................................................

Brenda Rothman (Mama Be Good) said...

Oh, my goodness! Hallie is doing amazing things! A bounce place? Blowing? A birthday party? Noticing social cues? SO happy for you! And what a great birthday.

Unknown said...

Sounds like a great birthday party! Yeah for Hallie for being way more generous than most on her birthday (I know my bdays are all about ME!) You've got a special girl there (but you knew that):)