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Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Hallie!

We just sent Hallie off to school with 25 cups of Haagen Dazs ice cream, candles to place in them, and a whole lot of Dora and Diego party hats. While I could have baked cupcakes, my capacity to decorate them with cute designs is limited (what can I say: I'll never win a dessert challenge on Top Chef?). Besides, Hallie doesn't really eat cupcakes. She'll lick the icing off of them, and she'll eat regular old chocolate cake, but if you mix the icing and the cake, it's kind of a no go. I doubt any of the kids will complain about the ice cream.

Anyway, it's extremely hard to believe that Hallie just turned 4. It's equally hard to remember a time before there was a Hallie in our lives.

The birthday celebrations have just begun (actually, they began on Sunday when Hallie test rode a new bike that she'll be getting really soon and we took the kids to the see Nickelodeon Story Time Live at the Merriam Theater. Both kids had a great time singing and dancing and following their favorite TV characters act out stories live on stage. It's quite exciting that they love to go to live concerts and events ). Stay tuned for more updates about our weekend celebrations and hopefully some pictures from the school celebration today.


Anne said...

Happy Birthday Hallie! Enjoy your party!

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday, Hallie!! And to spare you a flood of other comments from me on your following posts - congratulations on the finalization of the adoption paperwork and congrats on the potty training! So much excitement around your place. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Hallie! Hope this is a terrific year for all of you.

Trisha said...

Happy (belated) Birthday Hallie! We hope you had a wonderful day!

Adelaide Dupont said...


Hope the bike goes really well.

No, nobody does complain about icecream. Read in SocialVibe about everybody's favourite flavours. 16% like mint choc chip, like me.